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One More Time

a feature documentary
by Alan D Boyd
Producer/Editor Charlene Rule


From Bowie to Bond, Elton John to Ella Fitzgerald, ONE MORE TIME tells the behind-the-scenes story of the British session musicians who defined the sound of music for a generation.

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ONE MORE TIME is a feature documentary capturing the legacy of the British recording scene from the late 1950’s to the early 1980’s, as seen through the eyes of the session players who both defined and were defined by the era; and who played on some of the most well-known and well-loved songs still enjoyed today.


Born from the ashes of the second world war, ONE MORE TIME brings the musicians together for studio sessions in London. The film offers a rare insight into how music was made in a time where musicians faced a gruelling schedule while they raced around London’s renowned studios recording thousands of tracks in the golden era of British recording.


Through the unique humour and story telling that was a hallmark of the players, ONE MORE TIME gains a rare insight into a bygone era. By bringing them back together the film will put on record anecdotes from the heyday of the London music scene as they share them with each other. 


The musicians will be contributing interviews to discuss their careers and lives before, during and after their time as session players along with contributions from producers, engineers, studio managers and the stars who were all part of a time when British musicians were arguably the best in the world. 


ONE MORE TIME is a celebration of music and musicians delving into the good-times and the bad-times. From studio to stage; Bond to the Beatles; Ziggy to Zeppelin; ONE MORE TIME is the first time many of these stories will be captured in a film and through intimate filming in a studio environment a unique chance to see how some of the worlds most iconic music was made.


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The Players

This is a film about the players, the people who you rarely saw but who brought the music to life. During the peak of the London session scene these guys were doing four sessions a day and sometimes taking on live work in the evening. A few emerged from the scene as artists in their own right while others moved on when it all started changing due to technology and a new generation.

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The Music

By no means a definitive list but this is just some of the music that the UK session players were part of. They recorded thousands of songs across all genres and many of the recording were hits charting in the UK & around the world. 

The James Bond Theme

Teh John Barry Seven


Space Oddity

David Bowie


You Really Got Me

The Kinks

This Boy (Ringo's Theme)

The Beatles


Je T'aime (moi non plus)

Serge Gainsbourg


Walk on the Wild Side

Lou Reed


Your Song

Elton John


Green Green Grass of Home

Tom Jones


The Champ

The Mowhawks

Hurdy Gurdy Man




The Tornados


So You Win Again

Hot Chocolate


Shakin All Over

Johnny Kidd & The Pirates


Bye Bye Baby

Bay City Rollers


The Ballad of Bonnie & Clyde

Georgie Fame


I Close My Eyes and Count to Ten

Dusty Springfield



Manfred Mann


Private Dancer

Tina Turner


One More Night

Phil Collins

Diamonds are Forever

Shirley Bassey


The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore

The Walker Brothers

Dandy in the Underworld



Baker Street

Gerry Rafferty


Rock on

David Essex


The Pink Panther

Henry Mancini

Hi-Ho Silver Lining

Jeff Beck






Cilla Black


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Drop us a line- whether you were involved in the music and would like to share your story, somone who's interested in helping us to fund this project or a fan of the music and the players. 


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Little Sparta Productions

London, UK

Producer/Director: Alan D Boyd

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